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Published: 20th June 2011
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In today’s busy world, we are talking faster than ever because time has become so precious. The old adage is still true: Time is money. So, our need to communicate effectively is critically important for both our personal and professional success. Great leaders, businessmen, and entrepreneurs understand this concept well or they wouldn’t be the great communicators that they are. With a little time and practice every day, each of us can improve our communication with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. After all, the primary method of human communication is through our speech, so if we have a weak voice or overbearing accent, it will inevitably change the way people perceive us. In an ideal world, people would not judge us for our shortfalls. But, unfortunately, we don’t live in that world.

Bob Corff, along with his wife Claire, have developed a series of voice programs that teach the everyday speaker to communicate effectively. Over the past 30 years, Bob has developed his techniques as a professional voice coach and has helped thousands of students around the world, most notably Hollywood A-list actors and musicians. Because of digital downloads available through www.CorffVoice.com, students worldwide are now discovering what Bob and Claire have been teaching for decades. Programs are available for everyday speakers and singers of all levels. Additionally, Bob and Claire have developed a specialized program to reduce accents. The successful program is aptly titled "Achieving the Standard American Accent" and audio samples are available through the website. Additionally, for students who want to study with Bob and Claire but can’t get to Los Angeles for a face-to-face lesson, long distance lessons are available through Skype video.

Not all students reach out to Bob and Claire to lose an accent. Many of Hollywood’s top stars visit to learn accents, which include but are not limited to: Irish, British English, U.S. Southern, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Bob has been featured in numerous national publications, and he is one of the industry’s first choices when it comes to training the pros. Corff first started on Broadway and eventually branched into movies. He was a contract player with Universal Studios and also signed on as a series lead for "The Everyday Show", where he participated in over 100 episodes. At the height of his career, Bob decided to retire from mainstream acting and singing so that he could teach others his secrets. Corff Voice Studios is now located in Los Angeles, California.

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